My paintings are often inspired by a memory or a dream, or by a situation that left a particular emotional impact. They are based on live observation and memory. I also use own photographs for reference, sometimes stills from films or other media.

All paintings are figurative with abstract elements. There is a tension between the two that fascinate me. Paintings are mineral or organic substance applied to textile or wood. Miraculously, this can transform into an image with the ability to transmit the strongest of feelings and evoke deeply buried emotions and intuitions.

The viewer is aware that it is merely fiction, but can, with the right perceptivity, believe in the work of art as more true than life. Art is a way of making us see the world as if from a new perspective. It lets us understand our surroundings as well as ourselves and others as human beings.

Ebba Heuman

The Corridor (2014) Oil on canvas